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Permanente Medicine in Action

Highlighting TPMG’s innovative specialty care, featuring renowned TPMG physicians, advanced technology, and compassionate patient care.

Kaiser Permanente Northern California Health Plans Receive High Ratings From NCQA

“We are proud of this remarkable accomplishment. It is a testament to the clinical excellence of our physicians and staff,” said Richard S. Isaacs, MD, CEO and executive director of The Permanente Medical Group.

In Reducing Deaths from Heart Disease and Stroke, Kaiser Permanente Outpaces Nation

New research demonstrates the benefits of KP’s cardiovascular care initiatives and shows KP members have lower rates of heart disease and stroke mortality than people in the rest of the country.

Walks, Not Pills: Clinic Gives Hope to Patients with Chronic Pain

Drs. Sameer Awsare, and Benjamin Mandac, KP Santa Clara, discuss their pilot program that helps ween patients from addictive opioid medications and provides classes and other tools for coping with the pain of withdrawal.

Kaiser Permanente Study Shows New Program Cuts Stroke Treatment Time in Half

Drs. Vivek Rao, MD, Sunil Bhopale, MD, and Alexander Flint, MD describe how diagnosis and treatment times are cut in half by Kaiser’s “Stroke EXPRESS” carts, leading to greater outcomes for stroke victims.