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  • KP Vallejo Breast Center

Kaiser Vallejo’s Breast Cancer Center Re-Accredited by Oversight Agency

KP’s Breast Cancer Center in Vallejo received re-accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers for providing the highest quality breast care.

Teen Is Back in the Saddle After Battling Cancer

Cancer cost teen Alex Henry her leg, but a fast diagnosis and coordinated care at Kaiser Permanente means she is cancer-free and back to horseback riding and swimming.

Research in the News

1212, 2016

Loneliness May Sabotage Breast Cancer Survival: Study

New research from TPMG’s Division of Research suggests that loneliness may impede long-term breast cancer survival.

1212, 2016

Soledad Afecta a Mujeres Que Padecen Cáncer de Mama

Un nuevo estudio llevado a cabo por la División de Investigación de TPMG sugiere que la soledad impide la supervivencia a largo plazo de mujeres que padecen cáncer de mama.

Featured Posts From Our CEO

Robert Pearl, MD

Robert Pearl, MD
Executive Director and CEO of
The Permanente Medical Group

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Why a Government-Run, Single-Payer Healthcare Approach is Doomed to Fail

Dr. Pearl covers myths and misconceptions of a single-payer approach to health care coverage. He explains that our nation would be better served addressing what is broken in healthcare today.

How We Are Manipulated To Believe New Is Better When It Comes To Our Health

The next big discovery or the newest device will probably not help us overcome escalating healthcare costs.  If we focus on smoking, diet and exercise, we could lower the disease burden, decrease costs and improve overall health.

The Threat from a New and Growing Anxiety in the United States Today: a Physician’s Perspective

Physicians and patients born outside the U.S. worry that their jobs or care will be compromised based on ethnicity or religion. We must protect our country–but we must not generate anxiety that degrades the health of our nation.