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12 Things You Need To Know Before Starting PrEP\Prep for your sexual health.

Jonathan Volk, MD, MPH, physician and epidemiologist at KP’ San Francisco Medical Center, explains the benefits and risks of taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV/AIDs.

  • Stroke or seizure in the brain

Devising Faster, Better Stroke Care

TPMG created new treatment protocols that reduce the lag time in treating strokes and improve a patient's function and recovery. Called Stroke EXPRESS, the protocols have been implemented throughout the region.

Research in the News

1303, 2017

Health Care Research: A Moral Responsibility?

Dr. Tracy Lieu, TPMG’s Division of Research director, discusses conducting research that transforms the way medicine is practiced.

302, 2017

Precision-Medicine Approach Could Revive Prostate Cancer Test

Dr. Van Den Eeden discusses research that may improve the accuracy of prostate cancer screening tests.

Featured Posts From Our CEO

Robert Pearl, MD

Robert Pearl, MD
Executive Director and CEO of
The Permanente Medical Group

Mistreated: Why We Think We’re Getting Good Health Care and Why We’re Usually Wrong

Dr. Pearl’s new book, Mistreated, comes out on May 2, 2017. He wrote it for personal reasons and to reform the American healthcare system.

  • Patient in KP hospital

It’s A Wonder People Survive More Than Three Nights In A Hospital

Dr. Pearl shares his recent experience being hospitalized for knee surgery. He calls on hospitals to facilitate healing and be more patient-focused in order to make the nation’s facilities healthier and safer for patients.

  • TPMG physician with iPad

Why a Government-Run, Single-Payer Healthcare Approach is Doomed to Fail

Dr. Pearl covers myths and misconceptions of a single-payer approach to health care coverage. He explains that our nation would be better served addressing what is broken in healthcare today.