Permanente Medicine in Action

An In-Home Therapy for End-Stage Kidney Disease

For kidney failure patients, in home peritoneal dialysis therapy shows as good or better outcomes for survival and avoiding certain complications. Dr. Alan Go discusses the benefits found in a recent study.

Battling Brain Cancer, Living Life

From the ER to surgery in four days, this KP member with an aggressive brain tumor received decisive, swift, and excellent care from her team of physicians.

  • Recovery After Surgery

Leading the Way in Surgery Recovery

Drs. Efren Rosas, Subhendra Banerjee, and Mukesh Sahu share insights on KP's Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program that has improved the surgical experience for more than 20,000 patients.

Research in the News

  • Got Breast Milk? Take it to the Bank

30-Year National Study Shows Women Who Breastfeed for 6 Months or More Reduce their Diabetes Risk by 50%

Erica Gunderson, PhD, MS, MPH, discusses findings in a 30-year study that show the protective effects of breastfeeding for both mothers and their offspring, including lowering a mother’s risk of developing diabetes, breast and ovarian cancer.

New Kaiser Permanente Study Reveals an Increase in Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Kelly Young-Wolff, PhD, KP Division of Research, and Nancy Goler, MD, discuss their study addressing the increase in maternal prenatal marijuana use, and how the results fill a critical data gap in understanding marijuana use among pregnant women.

Urban American-Indian and Alaskan Natives May Have Lower Survival Following Invasive Prostate and Breast Cancer

Laurel A. Habel, PhD discusses research from TPMG's Division of Research that finds urban American-Indian and Alaskan Native communities are more likely to have lower survival rates following invasive prostate and breast cancer.