Permanente Medicine in Action

Rare Cancer Carefully Tracked and Treated

The miniregistry used by a testicular cancer panel of urologists and oncologists helps provide the most consistent and expert-level care for every single person with testicular cancer at Kaiser Permanente Northern California.

In Reducing Deaths from Heart Disease and Stroke, Kaiser Permanente Outpaces Nation

New research demonstrates the benefits of KP’s cardiovascular care initiatives and shows KP members have lower rates of heart disease and stroke mortality than people in the rest of the country.

Quick, Expert Care Saves a Young Mother and Her Baby

The power of integration and clinical excellence: KP member Sondra Smith safely delivered her daughter and then underwent successful surgery, just hours after a tumor diagnosis.

Research in the News

“Catch-up” HPV Vaccination Works for Females up to Age 20 Years at First Dose, Not Older Ages

Kaiser Permanente study confirms recommendations for catch-up HPV vaccination with three doses in females aged 15 to 20, but not when started at or after age 21.

  • Got Breast Milk? Take it to the Bank

30-Year National Study Shows Women Who Breastfeed for 6 Months or More Reduce their Diabetes Risk by 50%

Erica Gunderson, PhD, MS, MPH, discusses findings in a 30-year study that show the protective effects of breastfeeding for both mothers and their offspring, including lowering a mother’s risk of developing diabetes, breast and ovarian cancer.

New Kaiser Permanente Study Reveals an Increase in Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Kelly Young-Wolff, PhD, KP Division of Research, and Nancy Goler, MD, discuss their study addressing the increase in maternal prenatal marijuana use, and how the results fill a critical data gap in understanding marijuana use among pregnant women.