November 18, 2022

KP Research Radio takes a look at lung cancer screening and the benefits of a regionalized lung cancer care program

Early detection of lung cancer took a huge step forward when studies showed screening of high-risk adults with low dose CT could find cancers at an early enough stage to save lives.

But getting the word out about screening hasn’t been easy. Studies suggest only about 15% of those who are eligible for screening have been screened. And many are unaware that the test needs to be done annually to be effective.

KP Research Radio spoke with Lori Sakoda, PhD, a research scientist at the Division of Research, and Jeff Velotta, MD, a thoracic surgeon with The Permanente Medical Group, about early lung cancer detection, ways to promote equitable lung cancer care, and the ways patients have benefitted from Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s regionalized lung cancer care program.

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This article originally appeared in Division of Research Spotlight.