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Research in the News

DOR researchers are recognized internationally for their scientific expertise and have contributed more than 3,000 scientific papers about how to use health informatics, manage chronic illness, and motivate self-care and disease prevention.

New Kaiser Permanente Study Reveals an Increase in Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Kelly Young-Wolff, PhD, KP Division of Research, and Nancy Goler, MD, discuss their study addressing the increase in maternal prenatal marijuana use, and how the results fill a critical data gap in understanding marijuana use among pregnant women.

Urban American-Indian and Alaskan Natives May Have Lower Survival Following Invasive Prostate and Breast Cancer

Laurel A. Habel, PhD discusses research from TPMG's Division of Research that finds urban American-Indian and Alaskan Native communities are more likely to have lower survival rates following invasive prostate and breast cancer.

Indivior’s Experimental Drug to Fight Opioid Addiction is Approved by the US FDA

Laurel Habel, Ph.D, from TPMG's Division of Research, describes Indivior as a promising alternative to the current addiction medication and believes it will be helpful to patients.

World’s Most Impactful Researchers List Includes Kaiser Permanente Northern California Scientist and Oncologist

TPMG’s Alan Go, MD, from the Division of Research, and oncologist Louis Fehrenbacher, MD, were named as Highly Cited Researchers in clinical medicine for 2017, indicating exceptional scientific impact.

New Study Consistent with Trial Results for Dabigatran and Warfarin in Atrial Fibrillation

A Division of Research study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The findings focused on two medications that can reduce risk of ischemic stroke in people with atrial fibrillation.

Steven Sidney, MD, MPH honored for exceptional research on U.S. heart disease trends

The Division of Research's senior scientist, Stephen Sidney, MD, MPH, standing to the left of the US Surgeon General, was honored for his research on cardiovascular disease.